1. mtSNP concordance-check tool
•  mtSNP concordance-check tool is designed to check concordance between two mtSNP data gathered from independent two experiments
    for the same sample.
•  In this tool, sequence range of input mtSNP data will be automatically determined.
•  This tool also allow users to check the validity of mtSNP through the comparison between input and re-caculated mtSNP data.
mtSNP data set 1 :
mtSNP data set 2 :

2. Input format
•  This tool supports two types of input formats that are used in mtDNAmanager program and EMPOP database.
•  mtSNP data of a sample should be composed of sample name and mtSNP list.
•  White space in sample name should be replaced other characters such as hyphen ( - ) or underscore ( _ ).
•  Sample name and mtSNPs should be separated by white space or tab.
Example mtSNP list in tab or space limited format

  If a sample mtDNA sequence is identical with the rCRS, the mtSNP profile must be recorded as "sample_03 rCRS".
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