1. mtDNA assembly tool
•  mtDNA assembly tool enables to reconstruct the expected mtDNA sequence from several fragment sequences
    obtained from multiple amplification reactions.
•  In particular, this tool is usefull when range of the sequences is included in control region of mtDNA.
•  Even if the sequences are inverted [ex) ATG to CAT], it is no problem to run this tool.
♦ File upload:          - Avaliable files :   *.txt,   *.fasta,   and   *.fas
♦ Please provide nucleotide sequence in FASTA format.

2. Input format
•  mtDNA assembly tool supports only FASTA sequence format.
•  FASTA format contains a single header line providing the sequence name, and optionally a description, followed by lines of sequence data.
•  Sequences in FASTA format are preceded by a line starting with a ">" symbol.
•  The first word on this line is the name of the sequence. The rest of the line is a description of the sequence.
•  The remaining lines contain the sequence itself.
•  Gaps(-), spaces, numbers, tabs, and returns can be included  in the sequence as well, without any problems to run this tool.
Example sequence in FASTA format

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